Insurance Claims Process

Filing A Claim


Did your home suffer storm damage? As the Premier Denver Roofing expert. Pinnacle Roofing Solutions LLC will provide a FREE roof and property damage inspection, if it is determined there is sufficient damage noticed, PRS will advise you to contact your homeowners property claims department by phone or online. Describe the weather related event and answer all of the questions. The insurance representative will assign a claim number and a claims adjuster. Record the claim number as it will be very important throughout the entire process. It may take several days to obtain the name and contact information of your adjuster. Be sure to ask for his or her cell phone or direct contact number when he or she calls to schedule the inspection meeting. Contact Pinnacle Roofing Solutions, LLC (PRS) and provide the adjuster’s name, contact info and appointment time.  PRS will meet the adjuster at your residence at the designated appointment time.

Adjuster Meeting

 Inform your adjuster that you will have your roofing contractor present at the meeting.  Pinnacle Roofing Solutions LLC representative will attend the inspection meeting and serve as your advocate.  The insurance carriers objective is to keep their expenditures down. Inspecting the roof together and additional repairs i.e. gutters, windows, siding and painting will help establish the  accurate assessment of the extent of the damages to help ensure a fair and equitable settlement to restore your house to pre-storm damage.

Storm Damage Settlement


Once the insurance adjuster assesses the extent of damages, they will generate a claim summary detailing the scope of repairs or replacement.  Once the scope of work is determined either replacement or repairs, PRS will provide and estimate based on the agreed scope of work. In the event that there is a discrepancy between our assessment of the scope of the repairs needed to restore your home to pre-storm condition, PRS will negotiate the difference with the insurance company on your behalf. In most cases this will be a simple process of faxing or emailing them our estimate and calling them to discuss the differences. PRS is very familiar with what each insurance company is currently approving and do not submit frivolous supplements that delay your new roof installation and repairs.  Once all negotiations and agreed scope of work is finalized, the claim settlement will have a total dollar amount the insurance company is paying for storm damaged repairs/replacement.  


Claim Funding


The claim funding is broken down into the following payments. 

1 ACV (Actual Cash Value) The ACV is the initial funds with depreciation and your deductible removed from the total claim settlement.   This initial check often has your mortgage company listed on it as well.   Contact your mortgage company to determine their procedures on obtaining their endorsement.

2. RCV (Recoverable Cash Value or Recoverable depreciation) The RCV is the depreciation payment removed from the total claim settlement. *Some insurance policies do not pay RCV, PRS will help you determine your current policy and what payments to expect.

3. Supplemental Payments (if applicable) -This payment is for additional work performed outside of the total claim settlement. Most supplemental work is agreed upon with the initial adjuster meeting, but occasionally work will be needed that was unforeseen. PRS will provide all documents and necessary photos to your insurance company to ensure payment of additional work.

4. The Deductible is your co-pay, which you will pay to Pinnacle Roofing Solutions LLC. The deductible is determined by your insurance policy. PRS will help your determine your deductible based on your policy.

The full cost of the roof replacement and additional repairs if applicable is the sum of the first check (ACV), your deductible, the recoverable depreciation (RCV) , any approved supplements and GC O&P if applicable.  

Storm Damage Repair Process

PRS will help you determine shingle style and color to accent your house any additional information on gutters, painting, siding if applicable.  Once shingle colors are selected PRS will collect a down payment.  PRS will schedule work to completed in accordance with the insurance repair estimate.  PRS will pull any applicable permits and ensure permit sign off.  PRS provides high quality workmanship on all of its contracted work.  After all work is completed PRS will initiate the close out procedures of the claim.

Final Closeout Process

After all insurance approved contracted work is completed PRS will generate final invoices to be submitted to the insurance company for final payments.  PRS will provide all necessary document to the insurance carrier and follow up to ensure timely final payment is made to you.  After receipt of final payments from your insurance carrier and applicable mortgage endorsements. The final payment along with your deductible is due to Pinnacle Roofing Solutions LLC.  Once received PRS will issue all applicable warranty paperwork to you.


If you have been approached by a contractor with a lower bid than the amount allowed on your insurance loss statement, your insurance company will not allow you to keep those savings. They will lower their price to match the contractor’s. Either you or that contractor would have to provide a false invoice to the insurance carrier to recover the full depreciation. Otherwise, the difference in the lower price and the original will be deducted from the final depreciation check. Insurance companies are not in the habit of overfunding roof replacements. If a contractor has offered to lie to your insurance company on the real price of the roof, he is including you as a counterpart to insurance fraud. The State of Colorado has clearly defined this as illegal in Senate Bill 38 that was adopted into law.